Public Holidays

Public Holidays & Official Commemorative Days

I. Public Holidays with Fixed Dates

January 1
May 1
May 20
August 30
November 1
November 2
November 12
November 28

December 7
December 8

December 25

New Year
Labor Day
Restoration of Independence Day
Popular Consultation Day
All Saints' Day
All Souls' Day
National Youth Day / Santa Cruz Day
Proclamation of Independence Day
National Heroes' Day
Day of the Immaculate Conception,

Patroness of Timor-Leste

Christmas Day

II. Public Holidays Observed Every Year


April  2

April  4

June 3
September 9

Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Feast of the Body of God

Idul Adha

III. Official Commemorative Fixed Dates

June 1
August 20

November 3
December 10

International Children’s Day
Day of the Armed Forces for the National Liberation of

Timor-Leste (FALINTIL)
National Women’s Day
International Human Rights Day

IV. Official Commemorative Dates Observed Every Year

Ash Wednesday

Good Thursday: as part of the Christian celebration of Easter

The Day of Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven